Virtual Dice Roller

About Virtual Dice Roller

I grew up playing Hero Quest. Every day my friends and I would play another adventure and having played through the main game many times over, having bought, played and exhausted every expansion, we then launched into creating our own scenarios and played through those. Every day was an adventure.

Eventually I started to toy with ideas for new games, but never really finished one... fast forward through the troubles of growing older; having to pay rent and such, and here I am finally with an idea for a game that I would like to make, even if nobody else ever buys it :)

This led me to Gabe Barrett's amazing podcast, BGDL, and it was there that I had the idea to create a tool to help people roll dice when creating and making games.

So, that is how virtual dice roller was born, but I hope it also helps people to play and enjoy games as well as using it as a tool to create their own.