Virtual Dice Roller

User Guide

Virtual Dice Roller is a flexible tool that allows you to set up groups of different types of dice and to roll them here on the web page. You can organise your dice by group and then choose to roll the dice all together or in various groups, by creating buttons that roll dice for different dice.

Getting Started

  1. Rename the default dice group: Click into the name box for the first dice group and type a new name
  2. Add dice to this dice group: Select how many dice, which type of dice and which colour/design you would like for each dice to be added, select the group to add them to and click the add dice button
  3. Roll dice: You may now use the Roll All Checked Dice button to roll all of the dice on the page. Scroll down to see the log of dice rolls at the bottom of the page.

Adding Buttons

  1. Use checkboxes: click the check boxes on and off to select which dice you would like to be rolled together
  2. Name the button: type the label for the new button that will be created
  3. Add the button: click "Add button" to add this button to the control panel
  4. Test it!: click the new button, and/or the other buttons, and check the log or observe which dice have changed (any dice that were not rolled will turn translucent)

Deleting Dice And Buttons

  1. Click the delete button, it will turn red
  2. Click on the dice or the button to delete
  3. Example: Individual Player Dice and Multiple Groups of Hit Dice

    As an example of how to make this tool easy-to-use, imagine a game where there is a set of dice to be used for various tests, one of each type of die, and then two players have their own six-sided dice to be rolled on each turn and where attacks are resolved by rolling anywhere between 1 and 20 six-sided dice. We are going to set that up.

    1. Create the dice groups: we will have four dice groups, click add dice group six times to add six additional dice groups to the one default dice group, to give seven groups in total
    2. Name the dice groups: click into the name box of each dice group and type the names: "General dice", "Player 1", "Player 2", "Attack1-5", "Attack6-10", "Attack11-15", "Attack16-20"
    3. Add one of each dice into the General Group: select 1 in the number drop box, then select d4 and select the general group, click the add dice button, repeat for each dice type: d8, d10, d12
    4. Add two blue d6 dice to player 1: Select 2 in the number drop down box, and select d6 and blue, select player 1 in the group box, then click add dice
    5. Add two yellow d6 dice to player 2: Select 2 in the number drop down box, and select d6 and yellow, select player 2 in the group box, then click add dice
    6. Add five white attack d6 dice to each attack group: Select 5 in the number drop down box, and select d6 and white, select attack1-5 in the group box, then click add dice...repeat for the other three attack groups
    7. Set up button for each die in the general group of dice: Click the tick box for each group twice, once to select all dice in each group and once to deselect all dice in each group, so that no dice are checked. Then check the box beneath the d8 in the top general group. Now type "d8" in the button name box. Click Add Button.
    8. Repeat this process for d10, d12
    9. Make buttons for player 1 dice: untick the boxes for each of the dice in general, then click the tick box for player 1 group... type "Player 1" in the add button box and click go. Repeat for player 2.
    10. Turn off all tick boxes. Click only the tick box for attack dice 1-5.
    11. Play!: Test the buttons for rolling each of the d8, d10, d12, then for all player 1 dice, all player 2 dice and for the attack dice, we can use "roll all selected dice" button and click how many dice we want...if 3, then tick just three dice in the first group. If 12, click the tick boxes for group 1, 2 and then tick two more dice, click roll all selected dice. Play around and try it out.

    Have fun!